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“Lovers" original paintingby Shintaro Kago




all photos copyright Full Tilt Photography.

In 2006 we made this little burger meal for a competition on It got quite a bit of online traffic at the time. Couldn’t find the links, so I re-edited and uploaded these for Parisa.

Me and Mr L put it together, and all the food was edible: baby onion, american cheese, baby gherkin, homemade bun, handcut fries. I made the tray and the drink out of polymer clay and printed up the Craftster branding. 

oh my god

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In case you missed it, here is the cherry blossom forecast for this spring! “Share” this map with your friends, and start planning your hanami celebrations.
Click here to see the best places in Japan to view cherry blossom trees:


Maiko Mamefuji and her wareshinobu hairstyle by WATASHAJI - BLOG. Click for more!
For her official debut as a maiko, Mamefuji went to hairdresser’s and styled her hair in the wareshinobu hairstyle. It is the most basic one worn during the first and second year of training - until a maiko becomes senior. Her okasan (mother of okiya) decorated her hair with tortoise-shell kanzashi and two silver bira bira (fluttering kanzashi) with Tama okiya’s crest.


Rainy night on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku tonight.

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Shimabara Yagumo-dayuu 1922 by Blue Ruin1 on Flickr.Via Flickr:
Courtesan Yagumo (Thick Clouds) of the Shimabara district in Kyoto, postmarked Taishō 11 (1922).

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